Pastor Patrick Joshua Twagirayesu

For over two decades, since the devastating 1994 Rwandan Genocide, Pastor Patrick has impacted thousands of people in his own country of Rwanda and around the world. He is known for teaching practical Biblical principles to give hope to hopeless people and to help them see their need for the Lord so that He can help them to live victorious lives.

He is the founder and president of a holistic ministry known as Africa Harvest Mission (AHM) in Rwanda and is also the senior pastor of Calvary Temple Church there. He is married to Sanyu Gertrude and they live together in Kigali with their five children, Sharon, Joshua, David, Queen and Ebenezer. He is also the founder and overseer of over twenty other Calvary Temple Churches across Rwanda. He runs a weekly radio program that reaches across the nation of Rwanda. He trains and equips leaders from all over Eastern Africa twice a year at conferences and holds evangelistic crusades and college outreaches to Rwandan college students. He is a conference speaker who has spoken around the world in various places.

AHM is an indigenous, Christian, non-denominational, evangelical and social organization that Pastor Patrick founded after the Genocide of 1994 to give hope to hopeless people through the example of Jesus Christ who teaches us to forgive those who sin against us. AHM key objectives are to give hope to hopeless orphans, widows, and poor families of Rwanda through social programs designed to meet their spiritual and physical needs. Programs include: gospel preaching and teaching; education and child sponsorship for orphans and children from poor families; vocational training for vulnerable widows and poor women; health insurance card distribution to the poor; clean water programs, meal distribution for street children; orphan homes to provide a family atmosphere to raise orphans in a home setting.

In 2007, Pastor Patrick visited Boise, Idaho where he became acquainted with a team of people who have joined hands with him in ministry. Pastor Patrick and the U.S. ministry office have started a 501c3 non-profit organization entitled Africa Bright Future Ministries (ABFM) to be the affiliate organization to Africa Harvest Mission (AHM) in Rwanda, Africa.

Since 2007 until today, ABFM has worked with partners to obtain the following accomplishments:

• Ongoing educational sponsorship for children in the village of Nyagatare at Bright Future School and local secondary schools.
• Constructed a home for a destitute widow and her five children who were living in a broken down hut.
• Provided two ministry vehicles for AHM.
• Built two water stations in Kigali that provide clean drinking water to two large communities and have made a significant impact for improved health.
• Provided a vocational training center in Kigali that trained 40 women to sew so that they could leave their lives of prostitution and still be able to raise an income to feed their children.
• Provided school classrooms, landscaping and supplies for Bright Future School in the village.
• Provided funds to help construct Calvary Temple Church in Kigali.
• Currently working on the construction of a Christian Secondary School in Kigali.

If you would like more information about Pastor Patrick or his ministries or how you can invite him to speak to your organization, please contact ABFM.