In 1994 the Rwandan Genocide claimed 1.1 million lives in 100 short days.  Rwanda was devastated spiritually, socially and economically.  Hopelessness and fear were rampant as orphans, widows and the disabled roamed the streets struggling to survive.  It was at this time that God spoke to Pastor Patrick Twagirayesu to begin a ministry that would help restore unity, hope and stability to the Rwandan people.  He began preaching this message of hope under a tree which led to the first of over 20 Calvary temple Churches and the establishment of Africa Harvest Mission (AHM).  AHM went on to implement social development programs for vulnerable women and the Bright Future Christian Primary School for underprivileged children.  

Africa Bright Future Ministries (ABFM) was established in 2008 as a U.S. nonprofit organization.  Today, ABFM collaborates with AHM to help transform Rwanda by grooming effective Christian Leaders for tomorrow.


Hope for the Rwandan People

2020 The Year of Trust
2019 God Is on the Move
2018 Endurance
2017 Unity
2016 Created by God for Good Works
2015 Praise God for His Blessings
2014 Seek to be Understanding
2013 Hope is Built on a Promise
2012 Perseverance in Serving Christ
2011 Harmony and Teamwork
2010 Failfullness and Fruitfulness
2009 God Will Provide
2008 Preach the Gospel
2007 We are small but God