Care for the Sick Program will provide activities and measures to care for the sick in Rwanda, reduce infant mortality and death among young children and to increase knowledge about the deadly diseases in Rwanda.
This program will be fulfilled through:

• Sensitization and education of the four main killer diseases.
• Medical Insurance Cards.
• Clean Water.
• School lunches.
• Mosquito net distribution.

• Each year hundreds of medical insurance cards are provided to the most vulnerable, poor and needy people.
• Two clean water stations were built that now provide clean water to thousands of people in those two vicinities. The local authorities have reported that since those were built, the number of deaths and those with water borne diseases has decreased significantly.
• Over 300 sponsored students receive medical cards annually.
• School lunch was provided to 450 Bright Future School students for almost two years.
• Good health practices are taught from the pulpit.
Current Projects:

• ABFM will continue to provide insurance cards to the needy and to the sponsored children.
• We are working on a project to raise money to provide well drilling equipment to the ministry in Rwanda to give more clean water to the needy around the country.
• We hope to provide more mosquito nets.
• We would like to have the school lunch program funded so that we can resume it at Bright Future School.
• We are building a Christian Secondary School where the students can be taught about good health habits that line up with the Word of God.


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