The Clean Water Project is close to starting.  One of our Board members, Steve Doyle, has spent the past several years raising money to purchase a well-drilling machine.  We are excited to announce, the goal was met and the machine has been purchased! 

SUMMER 2022:  The well drilling equipment has been delivered!  
  1. (November 2022) Several ABFM men are being trained by John Foley (an expert in drilling for water in Africa)
  2. (January 2023) A truck has been purchased to transport the drill
  3. (February 2023) A water allocating device is needed to measure the depth of water before drilling

A quick summary of our clean water project progress: We have raised the funds to buy the drilling equipment, send it to Rwanda, and pay the import fee. We have also raised the funds for a used truck to pull the well drilling equipment. As mentioned above, we have had training in using the drill and secured future assistance, if needed. The final step is the geophysical instrument. So, we have purchased the drill and shipped it to Rwanda. We have purchased the truck and have a team trained to use the drill. Pastor Patrick is in the process of obtaining the necessary permits while we wait for the funds for the instrument.
Please join us in prayer in support of this final, critical step to providing clean water to our brothers and sisters in Rwanda.

Let us know if you would like to partner with us.
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