Assist the Poor Program will provide activities and measures to help Rwandans to obtain vocational and technical skills to enable them to compete in the workforce.

This program will be fulfilled through:

• Jubilee Women’s Empowerment Center to provide sewing skills.
• Youth Empowerment Center for carpentry, bricklaying and motor vehicle mechanics skills.
• Credit and Savings Program to provide small business capital.


• Over 50 Women have been trained in sewing and have been given a sewing machine to begin their personal business. They in turn, train new people and our ongoing program provides sewing machines to them.
• Many young people have benefited from the vocational skills taught.
• The people who begin their businesses have benefited from using the credit and savings programs.

Current Projects:

• Jubilee Women’s Empowerment Center.
• Youth Empowerment Center.
• Credit and Savings Program.

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