Corona Virus Situation in Rwanda

June 2020




Activity Implementation Report

After the Government of Rwanda decided to close the schools and other activities and declared total lockdown due to the outbreak of Corona virus in the country like other many countries did, it affected all aspects of Rwandan people’s lives including the Institutions and Church. People were no longer allowed to go out for their usual activities in which they would earn a living. Life became so difficult, especially for weak and vulnerable families that depended on these activities for the food they earned on daily basis. But even those who were employed lost their jobs due to the closure of many businesses, and they were left without hope.  Some of our church members were going to starve in their homes. These members included our church staff members losing their jobs, our Bright Future School staff members would suffer and we could end up losing some of them when the schools re-open, and the poor families of our sponsored kids. All these conditions would affect the Ministry’s current and future life at large. If it was not for you, our ABFM partners, I don’t know how we could have managed to go through this difficult period. 

We express our heartfelt gratitude to ABFM and all of our partners for the timely and quick response that enabled us to sustain our vulnerable sponsored children and their families, as well as vulnerable members of the Calvary Temple and AHM staff. The community of our BFS teachers are now safe too. 

We were able to provide food for 140 poor and vulnerable families in our church community where each family was given an equivalence of USD $50 out of $5,000 received in April for 100 families and $ 2,000 received in May for 40 families. 

We were able to support 200 sponsored kids at Bright Future School with food to eat for both them and their families. We really thank everyone who heard our call for help and sacrificially intervened to help with this severe Corona virus crisis. 

Impact on Ministry Purpose: 

This crisis intervention was a foundation that will lead to an opportunity for spreading the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ due to the demonstrated love to the needy in our community. We have been able to save the lives of many families, paying salaries to our staff members in the time of crisis, and providing food to the families of our sponsored kids at Bright Future School. 


Beneficiaries were so grateful for the support they received in the time of their need. As mentioned earlier, we reached 360 families. However, the actual number of people or individuals that benefited was far bigger because you will find that each family reached is composed of at least 5 members and, in addition, there are groups that have received the support more than once like the sponsored kids and BFS staff members. They have received help for both April and May.  


1. Big Number of the Needy: We realized that we have served a small number of people compared to the number of the needy ones! This was due to the limited resources.

2. The lockdown condition would not allow us to contact the people directly, hence we had to distribute the support by giving cash electronically (mobile money). Because of this situation, we did not have the opportunity to be present and take pictures. Otherwise, we would have shown them here. 

The current condition:

For the last two weeks, the Government has eased the lockdown and allowed some limited mobility.

-People are now allowed to go to their office for limited hours only for essential tasks as long as the number does not exceed 25% of the total staff.

-Some businesses are opened for a limited scope.

-Schools and Churches are expected to open in the next two weeks hopefully, because the situation is evaluated every 15 days. Everything is done on a temporary basis, expecting anything to happen for better or for worse, which affects each decision.


Pastor Patrick Twagirayesu

ABFM President





Hello Sponsors and Partners,
It is with a grateful heart that I share the ABFM update with you this month. We received the letter above from Pastor Patrick in Rwanda. He explained the current situation in Rwanda. He also provided a detailed report in how the funds provided by our generous sponsors and partners helped many individuals and families weather the storm created by COVID in Rwanda. In total, over 360 individuals (not including the families of the 200 sponsored children) received aid from your generosity. 

Going forward, Rwanda is beginning to reopen and allow essential business to be conducted in a limited fashion. There is, of course, a continued need to support the sponsored children and others from June onward. There is hope that the churches and schools will reopen in two weeks.

As mentioned in our last update, with the continued support of monthly child sponsorship money, the BFS teachers and AHM staff have their needs provided for through the school tuition payments and our sponsored families will still be able to contribute to their annual insurance. Due to the financial impact here in the US, we have had a small number of families unable to continue to sponsor their children. The ministry does have a fund to cover dropped sponsorships for a short time until a new sponsor can be found, but it is very limited. Even though Pastor Patrick did not mention it, I imagine that there are still needs for Pastor Patrick’s church staff and those in both the BFS and church community who have lost their jobs and have no means to pay for food. If you feel led by God, please continue to supply additional funds for Assist the Poor efforts.

Thank you again for faithful support of this ministry in these trying times! We appreciate your giving and your prayers. We look forward to the day when we can visit our brothers and sisters in Christ in person and provide support face to face.

Note: We know that some of our families here are also being challenged in their own way. Please let us know if there is anything that we can pray for you about as well..

Our theme for 2020, “Let’s Join God in His Work”, seems to remind us in this current situation that we need to continue to pray, seek His guidance, follow His lead, and join Him in His work. We look to God to continue to provide for our every need. 

Please continue to hold hands with us in ministry so that we can do all that God has called us to do to help provide a bright future for some wonderful brothers and sisters in Rwanda! 

Michael England
ABFM Executive Director